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    Why should I wear a Booband?
    It has been estimated that during high-energy, high-impact sports women’s breasts can move up to ten or more centimetres. This multi-directional movement can cause breast pain, which affects one in three women, according to a University of Portsmouth study. Not only can exercising with poorly supported breasts cause pain and sagging, it can cause embarrassment and put women off physical activity.

    How do I wear my Booband?
    Place the Booband above the breasts but under the arms. Correct positioning will comfortably compress the breasts and reduce both vertical and lateral movement.


    Do I wear Booband instead of a sports bra?
    Booband can be worn both instead of a sports bra or in addition. This is based on personal comfort and if you wear it with a sports bra we recommend wearing Booband above the bra for comfort.

    When should I wear Booband?
    Wearing your Booband is important for occasional exercise as it is for regular exercise. It is also important for all types of physical activity, including both low- and high-impact activities, and exercise of short and long duration.

    Do I have to be fitted by a professional to wear Booband?
    No, the velcro can be adjusted to fit.

    What size Booband's are available?
    Booband's are currently available in small and medium for all colours, and size large is available in black. Use your dress size to determine what size Booband to choose, the table below shows the size you'll need based on the dress sizes by country:

    Booband Size Chart | Frequently Asked Questions

    I'd like to purchase a Booband but I'm not sure what size to go for, I think I might be able to fit both small and medium?
    If you are unsure what size to go for we'd suggest the small, Booband’s are elasticated and can be adjusted to fit using the velcro. If you usually wear UK dress sizes 6-12, go for a small, those that wear UK dress size 12-18 should opt for the medium. Any problems we’ll happily replace for a different size.

    I’m small-chested, can I still wear a Booband?
    Yes, whatever your breast size you still need to support your breasts

    There is additional material at the end of my Booband?
    Our online sizing chart provides the length of our Boobands in centimetres together with the dress size to help you choose the best size Booband for you. As we recommend the band is fastened tightly to reduce movement, but not so tight it restricts breathing, you may be left with an extra length of material. If you prefer to wear your band under a sports bra then this isn't usually a problem, but for those of you who prefer to wear it over the top we recommend flipping the band to prevent the overhang getting in the way. The band is designed to be worn with either side of the band facing outwards.

    Why does exercise cause breast pain and sagging?
    Exercise, especially high-impact exercise such as running or jumping, places tension on the supporting structures of the breast, which can result in pain. As there there are no muscles in the breast the only supporting structures are the skin and the Coopers ligaments – thin, paper-like tissues that weave throughout the breast and attach to the chest wall. It is thought that sagging, which is irreversible, occurs when these ligaments are overstretched.

    How often should I replace my Booband?
    How often you need to replace your Booband will depend on a number of factors, including how often you wear it and how often you wash it. 

    How do I care for my Booband?
    Your Booband will have a longer life if you follow the washing instructions enclosed with your Booband. We recommend hand washing your Booband with a delicate detergent - a machine wash may stretch the elastic. Do not tumble dry your Booband – drip dry flat.